Exploding Head Syndrome

“Exploding head” syndrome is a condition that causes
the sufferer to occasionally experience a tremendously
loud noise as if originating from within his or her own
head. The “exploding head” symptoms usually occur
during sleep or drowsiness. Individuals with these
symptoms explain it as explosions in the head. This
syndrome can also cause the sufferer to feel an extreme
rush of adrenaline kick going through his or her head,
sometimes multiple times.
The “exploding head” syndrome and the abnormal
perceptions that some people with tinnitus may experience
is unpleasant and even described as a terrifying
sensation of flashing lights, the sound of an explosion,
gunshot, door slamming, roar, waves crashing against
rocks, loud voices, a ringing noise, or the sound of an
electrical short circuit. In some cases, an instant flash
of what is perceived as video “static” is reported.
The “exploding head” syndrome may have similarities
with audiogenic seizures, which has been studied in
animals where it was found that the inferior colliculus
was involved.
The exploding head phenomenon may be a failure
to prepare the nervous system for sleep. It may be an
exaggeration of the events that normally occur in the
transition between being awake and being at sleep.



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