Little’s Area, Kisselbach’s Plexus, and Woodruff’s Plexus

The confluence of vessels along the anterior nasal septum is
known as Kisselbach’s plexus, located within Little’s area. This
area receives vascular supply from the septal branches of the
sphenopalatine artery (SPA), greater palatine artery,
anterior ethmoid artery, and superior labial artery.
Consequently, this area represents an anastamotic
highway between the internal and external carotid artery

Woodruff’s plexus, known as the naso-nasopharyngeal
plexus, is located at the posterior 1 cm of the nasal floor, inferior
meatus, and middle meatus. This plexus also extends to
the vertical strip of mucosa anterior to the eustachian tube cartilage
and mucosa lateral and superior to the posterior choana
covering the adjacent sphenoid rostrum. Along its inferior
extent, it anastomoses with the pharyngeal branches of the
internal maxillary artery (IMA).


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